Every person must cope with loss of a loved on his or her own terms.

                        These prices are effective as of 07/01/2016

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our   customers. You may choose only the items you desire, however, any arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and over head expense. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specially ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the goods and services  you selected. Certain funeral services may be provided off-premises by other funeral providers.                                                           


Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff                                                                         $1,200.00

This fee includes, but is not limited to staff; to respond to initial request for service; arrangement conference with family or responsible party; arrangement of funeral; preparation and filing of necessary authorizations and permits; general administrative record keeping; recording vital statistics; coordinating with others who provide other portions of the funeral. Also included in the charge are overhead expenses, such as insurance, maintenance, utility expenses, secretarial and administrative costs, equipment and inventory expense. This fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select. This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burials, and forwarding or receiving remains.

Embalming                                                                                                                                      $975.00

Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however,   if you select certain funeral arrangements such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for if it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

  • Embalming Oversized or Autopsy                                                                                                                                           $1,175.00                                                                                                                                                       Other Preparation of the Body: Dressing & Casketing                                                               $275.00    Dressing and Casketing (D & C)

Other preparation of the Body: D & C Oversized                                                                        $375.00 Other preparation of the Body: Alternate Care                                                                            $450.00 Alternate Care (Bathe & Disinfect)

Other preparation of the Body: Alternate Care                                                                             $550.00 Alternate Care (Bathe & Disinfect- Oversized)                                                                            
Other Preparations

Hairstyling                                                                                                                                          $75.00


Use of Facilities, Staff and Equipment for Services Conducted at Our Facility

Viewing/Visitation for One Full Day                                                                                               $300.00
Funeral Ceremony at Chapel                                                                                                          $450.00
Memorial Service at Chapel                                                                                                            $400.00
Wake Service at Chapel                                                                                                                  $300.00

Use of Staff and Equipment for Services Conducted at Another Facility

Viewing or Visitation at Church                                                                                                     $500.00
Funeral Service at Church                                                                                                              $500.00
Memorial Service at Church                                                                                                           $375.00
Graveside Service                                                                                                                           $450.00

Automotive Equipment

Hearse/Funeral Coach                                                                                                                   $350.00                                    (Within a 50 Mile Radius. Additional mileage will be billed at $2.05 per mile round trip)                                                                        
Limousine                                                                                                                                        $350.00       (4hrs. of limo service is provided when contracted. Any ADDITIONAL hours will be billed at $70.00 per hour)                                                                                      
Lead Car                                                                                                                                             $100.00  50 Mile Radius (Additional Mileage will be billed at $2.05 per mile round trip) 
Hampton Police Escort                                                                                                                      $100.00
Flower/UtilityVehicle                                                                                                                          $75.00      
50 Mile Radius (Additional Mileage will be billed at $2.05 per mile round trip)

Direct Cremation                                                                                             From $995.00 to $38,995.00
This charge includes removal of remains, local transportation to crematory, services of funeral director and staff; Medical Examiners fee $50.00 (required by Virginia Stuate, and cremation. State and local laws do not require a casket for direct cremation. If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composite materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are fiberboard making service cost(1,800.00).                                                                                                                                                    Direct  Cremation with Alternative Container...$1,295.00                                                                             Direct Cremation with container provided by purchaser... $995.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           _________________________________________________________________________________________

Immediate Burial                                                                                                                            $1,995.00
Immediate Burial...$1,995.00 to $51,895.00
This charge includes removal and shelter of remains, local transportation to cemetery, services of Funeral Director and Staff, and proper authorizations. It does not include service operators, rites or ceremony, or cemetery charges.                                                                                                                                      Immediate Burial with Alternative Container                                                                             $2,195.00       Immediate Burial with Selected Casket                                                                                      $1,895.00  (Immediate burial with the use of any casket desired would be this fee plus the casket selected by purchaser)                                                                                                                                                                         

Forwarding of Remains to another Funeral Home                                                                   $1,895.00

This charge includes removal of remains, necessary services of staff, embalming, necessary authorizations, and local transportation to common carrier, shipping container or air tray. 

This charge does not include visitation, rites or ceremonies prior to forwarding the body and other merchandise
Receiving of Remains from another Funeral Home                                                                $1,595.00

This charge includes services of Funeral Director and Staff, transportation of remains to cemetery and also from common carrier. It does not include use of facilities for viewing and / or funeral services, merchandise, other preparations, or other automotive equipment if necessary.

Cash Advances/Miscellaneous

Crematory Fees                                                                                                                          $400.00
Medical Examiner's Fee                                                                                                               $50.00
Transport to Crematory                                                                                                               $75.00
Tribute Blanket                                                                                                                           $145.00
Clergy Honorarium                                                                                                                     $100.00      Organist Honorarium                                                                                                                 $100.00            
Insurance Processing Fee                                                                                   5% of Total Contract

Certified Death Certificates   (per copy)                                                                                    $12.00
Rental Casket                                                                                                                             $400.00